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Zoo Field Trip

OMSI Field Trip

What makes our program different from the rest?  Like most daycares, we have our arts and crafts.  We have our outdoor play.  What sets us apart is our approach, focusing on life skills, and extras that many other daycares don't do.

 Many parents probably work more than they would like and don't have the time to run the kids from Gresham all the way over to Beaverton for a day trip to the zoo, which we completely understand.  At A Sunny Place Learning Center, the children will experience these places and more, which they might not otherwise get to with the fast pace families live and in other in-home daycares or in large class room centers.

Parents like to know what their kids do during the day.  Below is what our day looks like.  We try to stick to this but we're extremely flexible.  If the children are having fun and learning, we might not be so quick to transition.

Arrival, Quiet Time
730First Breakfast
815Free Play and activities

-2nd Breakfast

-Small Group Activity for rest

900- Preschool: dance party,  yoga, circle time,  singing, dancing
- Waddler, toddler Activities.  Outdoor play weather permitting
930 Snack during Preschool
1200Nap Time
215As kids wake up, quiet activities
330Snack for School Kids

School Age Homework

Preschool review

400Age Appropriate Free Play.  Outdoor play, weather permitting.
430Story Time