Next, we moved on to our alphabuddy, Elizabeth E.  Alphabuddies are characters that we make out of each letter so that they can start thinking about words that start with the letter of the week.  The alphabuddy consists of the letter and character pieces such as a mouth, eyes, and maybe a hat or some jewelry.  The kids color the letter and character pieces and glue them together.  Alphabuddies are then put up around the house so that everywhere they go, they see the alphabuddy of the week.

The number of the week is 5.  We will be counting out manipulative's, counting pieces of snack, and tracing the number.  We'll also be exploring things that are more and less than the number 5 as well as simple addition and subtraction using the number 5.

Our animal of the week is the elephant.  We will be learning all sorts of interesting facts about elephants, where they live, what they eat, how big they are, and what they do.  The group will be learning through a series of lessons based on information at National Geographic.

Spring break is here, and puzzles are in the air.  We have a ton of puzzles for every different age group, and we'll be focusing some of our extra time on this amazing brain-feeding activity.

Do you hear that?  Dirt and seeds are calling.  It won't be long now before we're getting down and dirty with the first planting of our garden.  

Gross motor skills this week will be spent playing Simon Says, Red-Light Green-Light, and other games that get them up and moving.

March 2011: Some how we lost all our blog entries but the one below :-(  Sad times for us because it's fun for us to see what we were doing a few months ago. 

March 16, 2010

Today we are working on the letter E using techniques from 'Handwriting Without Tears'.  This technique breaks down the letters into lines and curves.  I give manipulative's to each child so that they can play with the letter shapes, and assist them in building the letter.  After a couple times, they always catch on.  This gives them an understanding of the mechanics involved in writing.  

Our art project today was dandelion art.  Each child drew on plain white paper using dandelion heads, teaching them that most of the colored things we see today started as flowers and plants.

After we finished with manipulative's, we moved on to tracing the letter with chalk.  Using different mediums for tracing rather than just pencils gives them a better feel for the letter.

August 4, 2015

So a month ago we hinted at some exciting news.  Last week we took possession of a beautiful home in North Central Gresham, about a minute from Eastman and Burnside!  This home features a larger, more accommodating space for our preschool and family.  The O'Connor's have been working late hours making it their own and preparing it for preschool.  Special thanks to all of our clients who have been quick to help us with projects, including audio/visual work, handyman, and of course prayers and encouragement.  We serve the greatest clients.  Won't you join us?

July 3, 2015

A short note to wrap up our week.

Today we wrap up our Independence Day unit at A Sunny Place Learning.  Our goal this week was learn why we celebrate the Fourth of July and why it's important, other then a time for fireworks :-)

With the warm weather outside, we've been thankful for air conditioning and lots of fun indoor activities.

Be watching for some exciting news to be announced in the coming days!!

February 19, 2014
With the addition to Facebook into our culture, this blog hasn't been updated in years!!  Find us on Facebook for current happenings.  We have a private group setup for clients to share more detail on what we're doing throughout the day and important reminders.  We've done this for the privacy, safety, and security of our group and home.  Example, if we're on a field trip we don't want everyone knowing the house is empty today.

March 30, 2011
We survived Spring Break!  We took two field trips last week.  One to the Zoo and the other to OMSI.  Everyone had a blast!  Thanks to all the parents who came and helped us.  We also had the Citizen Volunteers in Policing for Gresham stop by to say hi and hand out stickers.  This is a group Corey is involved with.
We still have some full time and half day preschool spots open.  Call for more information.

March 10, 2011


​March 10- This has been a very exciting month for us so far!  We started off the month launching our brand new Toddler Preschool Class.  This will compliment the Preschool group's curriculum so it's an easy transition when they're ready.

Yesterday we had our annual inspection to renew our license.  Our hard work over the past 12 months has allowed us to increase our capacity which will allow us to serve more families and offer more in our program!  We've been very blessed and are excited to see what the future holds!

With our renewal behind us, we're now looking ahead and planning our Spring Break activities.  My goal is to do a few field trips and involve the children in planning our backyard play area.


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