Why us?  Because we're a family too!  Which means, your child will be within a strong, healthy family atmosphere while away from home.  We promise lots of fun and activities to help your child grow in every aspect of their lives.  We are highly qualified, as you can see from our CREDENTIALS.

One thing our clients enjoy is our service based attitude.  We believe that this industry should be about serving you and the kids and it shows!

We provide

  • Our tuition rate is all inclusive, meaning all the extras we provide cost you nothing extra!!  Preschool, field trips, high quality meals, diapers, and wipes are included!
  • USDA approved meal - including FRESH fruits and veggies, cage free and hormone free chicken, and hormone, antibiotic, free range beef.
  • A Structured Curriculum
  • A safe, caring, and supportive environment for your child to grow
  • A family oriented childcare program
  • Daily communication and easy access to staff - so you know how your child is progressing and how the day went
  • Community- regular activities throughout the year for our families to come together and visit including BBQ's and Holiday events.  Also a private Facebook group to stay in touch with current happenings
  • Drop in care
  • Transportation to and from area schools
  • Hours and Hours of FUN!

Why Us?

Call Us : (503) 348-1419​​

Email Us : info@SunnyPlaceLearning.com